How important is Life Insurance?

Many people think that paying insurance premiums will only add to the financial burden. But, the question is, is it true?

If indeed someone has the ability to see what will happen in life in the future, then I can answer YES! the opinions are 100% accurate. Because we can avoid something bad that can befall. Especially the two most valuable things: our health and our lives.

Unfortunately, no one can predict the disaster. And the more frustrating, the disaster will certainly affect our financial plan, can even destroy all the fuss. Just imagine the risks that await you in the future later? Like an accident on the road, experiencing health problems, unable to work due to permanent disability, loss of property, accidents at work or at home, being a victim of business fraud, etc.

That is a strong reason to immediately start insurance because losses due to the disaster we do not take responsibility alone. Especially for those of you who plan to marry with your beloved partner

In this modern era, generally, newly married couples tend to delay having life insurance, because it is not necessary they think. Instead, they tend to prepare various other assets such as homes or vehicles. Though life insurance is a basic necessity that is useful to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Life insurance is not only used for protection, but also as planning for future finances. The beginning of a marriage is an important period in building the foundation of family welfare for the future. Because, the longer the family needs will be more complex with the increase of children, age, and the necessities of life. So this is the time for those of you who have just built a family, not to procrastinate in planning for future protection.

A marriage is a long journey of life and certainly needs good planning, so that the family built can walk peace and happiness. Surely you should consider everything in order to avoid unwanted things. Therefore it is necessary careful planning to avoid these risks. For you young married couples, life insurance is one of the best ways to provide protection and protection from the risks that exist in life so that when the risk is finally present, your partner can continue to live until the future.

The benefits of financial protection will be greater if you start a life insurance program early on. Life insurance is directed to those who are productive.

By having insurance from an early age, then the premium payment you have to pay can be even faster for lifetime protection. For example like when you follow life insurance at the age of 25 years, then you simply pay a premium for 10 years only until you turn 35 years of age. The funds that you deposited during those 10 years, plus the investment return is sufficient to pay the cost of life insurance. Another thing for those who follow the old age usually should be longer.

Therefore, it would be nice if you immediately start the life insurance program as early as possible to eliminate the worries of the disaster in your life.

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