Insurance broker – Do we need them?

From time to time already many people who use insurance in this modern era, it makes a fact that the life we live today is not always smooth feeding insurance becomes very important. By following the growing insurance coverage, it is certainly interesting to be observed because the public is also increasingly aware that taking insurance makes them more comfortable from future threats such as health, life, or property that you have.

Insurance protection is a financial protection, which means that when someone follows an insurance program then if there is a loss of the object is insured, then the person does not have to spend more money from his personal money. But the insurance company will reimburse the costs incurred due to those risks.

What is insurance brokers?

Insurance Brokers is a body formed by goverment, Insurance Brokers are useful to help insurance customers to get their rights fully over insurance companies.

Insurance Brokers in essentially serve as a body that protects the interests of the wider community formed by the government directly. This is one of the government’s assistance in providing guarantees and protection for insurance users across the country. In other words, this broker is a body under the government’s formation, so its function is in the capacity as an institution and can not be replaced with individual work, the insurance broker is not the same as the insurance agent formed by the insurance company. An insurance agent is a person who is appointed and works on the basis of a professional interest to represent an insurance company in representing the products that serve.


How to use an insurance broker?

– Insured Person comes to the Insurance Brokers to get placing slip. With the placing slip is then the application form filling is not necessary because the Insurance Broker already pocketed the survey results as a working guideline.

Insurance Brokers will immediately work after placing slips submitted by the insured with this then the time to deal with the business claims and other matters related issues between the insured and the insurer can be shorter.

The way is not too difficult to deal with insurance affairs between customer with the insurance company can occur because the insurance brokers work based on the authority allowed by the government and regulated the Act. Here is the responsibility of an Insurance Broker.

  1. The Insurance Broker is responsible for introducing the prospective client with a risk management strategy, thus the insurance plan to be selected can be in accordance with the client’s condition, including the client’s business and financial conditions.
  2. As an insurance broker matters concerning effective marketing strategies, including up sell for old clients, updates to bookkeeping systems, databases and records, even fair claims control and dealling of insurance between the insured and the bearer already exists in the slot of responsibility.
  3. The Insurance Broker is responsible for submitting regular progress reviews to any interested parties.

Memahami secara lebih tentang broker asuransi tentu memberikan gambaran lebih pada kita. Jadi sebelum anda menggunakan jasa broker asuransi, ada baiknya lanjut membaca dibawah ini..


Use Insurance Brokers Services Wisely

An Insurance Broker is a professional institution that provides assistance and bridges between insured parties or insurance clients with insurers or insurance companies. As an insurance broker, of course, should be able to convince many parties involved in it, in other words can solve the problems that may arise during the insurance chain runs from the process of getting customers to handle and engage with various things if there is a claim.

In other words, the profession of Insurance Brokers represents and represents two directions in the chain of insurance activities between the customer and the service provider or insurance company.




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