Important Things about Travel Insurance

There are still many people who do not know yet. They travel here without worrying at all. In step, travel insurance is useful for protecting yourself during an accident or risking a bad trip.

Many countries require their tourists to have travel insurance before arriving in the country. European and American countries definitely require you to have travel insurance.


What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance is a type of insurance that is intended to provide protection during your trip. Travel insurance does not go into the type of insurance that must be owned. This insurance is preferred for you who really like to travel both out of town to abroad and its function that only protects when will travel only.


Types of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers many types, the most common is international. This insurance covers you from medical risks within the specified time frame. Special Travel Insurance (Hajj and Umrah): Insurance that is often offered to you when going to Hajj and Umrah is included in travel insurance that will protect you during worship in the holy land. There is also annual insurance, covering both domestic and international travel with various needs throughout the year.

There are companies that provide special haj and umrah insurance. There is also a student assist that is Travel Insurance is reserved only for students who will continue their education abroad.


Sign up for Travel Insurance

You don’t need to come to the insurance office just to sign up for travel insurance. Some insurance companies such as ACA, AIG, AXA, and ACE serve travel insurance registration via online.

It’s easy. You just need to log in to the travel insurance website, fill in your personal data, destination country and travel time. You can choose what kind of insurance will be taken. You can use a credit card for insurance premium payment.


What is covered by Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance will cover the medical costs of tourists while abroad. But apparently, there are some additional premiums that can be bought for additional protection.


and How to claim Travel Insurance?

The process of taking funds or the use of insurance is divided into two schemes. The first scheme is if the company is included in the worldwide provider. When the accident, all you have to do is show the insurance to the hospital. But not all insurance companies provide this.

The majority prefer the way of filing a claim with a reimburse scheme. If you get sick or have an accident, you can seek treatment in that country first. Furthermore, you should request a certificate from your doctor as evidence when you file a claim in your country.

Keep in mind, before buying travel insurance products, carefully first all the amenities. How much is the dependents of the company, how long and in which countries the insurer applies, as well as the way in which the claims apply.


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