How important Fire Insurance?

Your daily life has a big role in the risk of fire. Starting from cooking, using electronic goods, even smoking in the house can trigger a fire that ultimately damages your property and property. The main impact of fires is financial to your household that is on fire. You can imagine if all your property is forfeited within hours, not to mention there are many important documents that you may not be able to save from the fire. To prevent this, as a property owner you should have fire insurance.

Know what fire insurance is

Fire Insurance is a coverage that guarantees loss or damage to property caused by fire, which occurs due to own fire or fire from the outside, due to bad air, inadvertent, error or improper conduct of the insured servant, neighbors, enemies, robbers and anything and in any way the cause of the fire.

With this insurance, it is expected that your basic life and family can return to normal walking as soon as possible. Keep in mind that the fire insurance policy will only restore the financial position of the unfortunate to the financial situation before experiencing the disaster. There is no additional benefit to be gained by the insured on fire accident from the insurer.

In general, the risk borne by a fire insurance policy is a loss of fire caused by human or other negligence. In addition, the policy also assumes the risk of loss caused by the explosion of bombs, smoke, lightning originating from your property that has been insured. Fire insurance also provides protection due to a physical impact caused by aircraft or helicopters to the property you have insured.

Reason THE Importance of Fire Insurance

  • Provided temporary accommodation

Before the replacement and repair of the building are complete, the insurer guarantees your life as a customer to stay comfortable. The insurer provides temporary shelter for you and your family. This residence is a facility of the insurance provided free of charge to customers who experienced the disaster. Of course, make you and your family is not confused to find a place to stay in the house in repair. No need to ride with relatives, friends, friends, neighbors or other people. Maybe if you live to ride make your family uncomfortable and usually even cause conflict with the owner. But by having fire insurance you can stay comfortably, pleasantly, and do not cause any problems with others.

  • Replace objects damaged by fire

Fire insurance not only covers the cost of losses on the building, but also the cost of damaging your burning objects in the building. The absolute requirement of replacement is a fire that occurred is not a result of your own actions as the insured. So, you do not have to buy more things that were previously on a burning property.

  • Avoiding bankruptcy

Houses, offices, shops or other properties are important assets for those of you who need to be well looked after. If something happens to him, of course, the losses incurred are not small. Property is a long-term investment that can provide multiple benefits in the future. If not insured, what will happen? It costs a lot to rebuild it, chances are you borrow money from a bank or other financial management agency in the event of an accident on your property.

It’s not very inconvenient and makes you always deal with debt. You should be used to set aside some of your income to pay off bank debt, then after that, your life will change. Who usually live well, they have to live simple. However, things will be different if you have your property guard insurance. Your property will be returned by an insurance company as before a fire or another incident is included in the policy. So that your life does not sink, but quickly rise to build a better future again.


You don’t have to bother anyone if you have fire insurance. Although fire does not necessarily happen in your building, with fire insurance, the risk of trouble has been put out so that your life and family are calmer. In addition, the premium value is not much with the insurance coverage provided. So fire insurance is not in vain for you.

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